Emergency Electricians Epsom

ffordable Electrics & Repairs Ltd has a 24 hour emergency service in Epsom! We understand waiting through the night without electricity and hot water is unbearable.

Electrical faults on your Epsom premises can happen at any time and when you least expect it. Our 24 emergency services ensures that you never have to worry about being in the dark.

Call us on our toll free number 0800 652 6877 for emergency and any other electrical problems.
24 Hour Electrician Epsom
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We are your reliable and efficient partner when it comes to electrical assistance, repairs and maintenance in Epsom. We always offer our clients the best advice on the options for them. Our service is always prompt and impeccable and we offer a one year guarantee on our jobs.

Our team of qualified and experienced technicians are the best in their field. We comply within the regulatory body of the IEE . All of our work is produced in a way that is to put your safety first and make sure your electrical work is done in a durable and authentic manner.

We are a phone call away for all your electrical work and maintenance in Epsom. We conduct all of the standard tests and certifications to make sure the repairs and work we have done are safe and verified for use within your premises.

All equipment is our own so you will not have to worry about getting tools elsewhere. However, please bare in mind, some of tools and stock will need to be outsourced depending on the severity of your electrical work.

We urge clients, do not touch the electrical supply or conductors, we will sort out the fault or problem when we arrive at your property in Epsom.

Call us on our toll free number 0800 652 6877 for emergency and any other electrical problems.